Central Alexander Fire Department

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The history of Central Alexander Fire Department is unique in itself. The best that we can determine around the year 1879 the Town of Taylorsville formed its first fire bucket brigade, but it wasn’t until 1924 that the Taylorsville Fire Department was organized. In 1924, the first firefighting equipment that the department owned was a two-hose rig drawn by hand. Taylorsville Fire Department’s first gasoline powered engine was a 1917 model T, followed by a 1928 model T, the 1939 Chevrolet, 1958 Ford, and 1967 American LaFrance to name some of the earliest engines of Taylorsville Fire Department. Taylorsville Fire Department originally was located on Main Street, but later moved to the location of the current Town Hall and Police Department for the town of Taylorsville.

In 1989 the fire department again moved, this time to its current location of 173 Emergency Street in Taylorsville. Taylorsville Fire Department changed its name to Central Alexander Fire Department in 1995. The change of the name came about when the department incorporated with the state. Since there was already a Taylorsville Fire Department incorporated with the state, the department changed the name to Central Alexander Fire Department. In 2005 the department renovated its current station, and added 2 more bays onto the station to house additional apparatus. Central Alexander Fire Department was the first department in the county to have an elevated water stream known as Tower 1, which was brought in the fall of 2007.

In the fall of 2008 the fire department was the first department in the county to incorporate part-time paid staff, which originally begin as one person Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Since that time it has grown to 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm, with another part-time slot that goes from 6 pm to midnight Monday thru Friday, which we began last fall.

Last year the department went thru it ISO inspection from the state, which at that time we had a straight 6 for both the town and county district. After the ISO inspection last year the department was able to lower the town jurisdiction to a 5 and the county district remain a 6.

Recently, the department saw the need to upgrade Tower 1 after a church fire in a neighboring district occurred the summer in which Tower 1 played a vital role in saving the educational wing of the structure. October of 2015 the department took delivery of a 2000 Pierce Dash 105 ft. ladder.
Former Chiefs of the department
Years as Chief
Coleman A. Deal
1924 - 1927
Escar A. Adams
1927 - 1935
Redge Ferguson
1935 - 1936
Henry Goodnight
1936 - 1940
Ray Chapman
1940 -1941
Kermit Alspaugh
1941 - 1945
Henkle Mills
1945 - 1963
S.W. Bennett
Sam Zachary
1963 - 1970
Raymond Kerley
1970 - 1972
Roy S. Chapman
1972 - 1974
Flake Stewart
1974 - 1976
Paul Goodnight
1976 - 1977
Charlie Marshall
1977 - 1980
Phil Hartis
1980 - 1982
Keith Munday
1982 - 2007
Matt Jordan
2007 - Current
Below are the patches that have been used through the years here at Central Alexander Fire Department